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Confusing fatwa
The Azhar clerics who issued a "fatwa" on the Iraq Governing Council are to be called to task, Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh Mohamed Sayed Tantawi says.

More on the same from AFP -- plus dispelling rumors that the cleric who issued the harsh fatwa had been fired.

Egypt's Orascom Telecom submits bid for mobile phone license in Iraq. This Forbes article provides no further details on the issue, however.

Sudden decision?
Perhaps this AFP story quoting a Gomhoriya story claiming that foreign belly dancers have been banned from performing in Egypt should be taken with a grain or two of salt...

Web posted by Tarek Atia Friday, August 29, 2003 6:00 CAIRO


Why did ancient Egyptian languages disappear?
American scholars try to find out...

Meanwhile... Baltimore goes wild over its very own borrowed Egypt display

Racing against time?
Egypt's football league in dire straits, according to the BBC

Meanwhile... Arsenal's Wadi Degla academy opens in Egypt. Hopes to graduate future international soccer stars.

Web posted by Tarek Atia Wednesday, August 27, 2003 9:00 CAIRO


Goodbye Amina
Veteran actress Amina Rizk passes away

More Islamists arrested
This time it's dozens from al-Gamaa al-Islamiya

Meanwhile... Brotherhood's Hodeibi sends a letter to Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, part of which is reprinted by AFP

Bad news in Kafr El-Sheikh
Death toll from supposedly contained Rift Valley fever allegedly in the 30s, results in Saudi ban on "import of live goats, sheep, camels and gazelles from Egypt".

Mission impossible?
President Hosni Mubarak's top political advisor Osama Al-Baz tries to save the peace in Palestine.

Meanwhile... Detroit's Copts celebrate Pope Shenouda's tour

Web posted by Tarek Atia Monday, August 25, 2003 2:00 CAIRO


Street smart?
Mohamed Ali, a native Alexandrian making pizzas with a gas oven in New York, charges 3-4 dollars per slice during blackout. The reason -- he can't get his cash register to open, and is thus unable to provide change.

Ruining peace
Egypt condemns killing of Abu Shanab

Gotta read it to believe it
According to the Washington Times, "A dean at Egypt's University of Al-Zaqaziq is preparing a lawsuit against "all the Jews of the world," accusing them of stealing gold during the exodus."

We are probably about to see a lot of sarcastic articles about this, so stay tuned!

Vivacious Egyptian
Nadia Younes was amongst those who died in the Baghdad UN blast. More about her colorful story here...

Web posted by Tarek Atia Friday, August 22, 2003 19:00 CAIRO


Tragedy in Baghdad
Egyptians among dead in Iraqi capital's UN blast

Meanwhile... an analyst from Al-Ahram points to Al-Qaeda in this AP blast whodunit...

Also in Iraq... Most of the Egyptian Copts arrested by US forces in Baghdad have been released. The problem was presence of machine guns in church. The article suggests that the release may have been the result of pressure put on Washington by Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher.

Egypt wants Garang to reconsider...
Foreign Minister Maher says the Sudanese rebel leader's  "positions ... are not facilitating the negotiations" leading to peace in Sudan.

More road carnage
Minya bus-truck crash kills 23, injures 37

Muscovites descend
"Tours to all Turkish and Egyptian resorts till mid-September have been sold out," reports UPI

Hilal waxes poetic
More details on the plans for Egypt's 2010 World Cup hosting bid

Web posted by Tarek Atia Wednesday, August 20, 2003 15:00 CAIRO


Strange days
Reda Hilal, a top journalist with Al-Ahram, has been missing since last Monday. 

The journalist's strange disappearance has prompted much speculation -- some of it centered on the writer's pro-Western views, as in this item from AFP

Now that coverage of the incident in the Arabic papers has intensified (see, you can be sure to see more global coverage of the mysterious case as well.

BBC gets thoughtful about allegations of anti-Semitism in the Egyptian press. Prominent media personalities Mohamed Salmawy and Abdalla Schlieffer are interviewed extensively on the subject, and the writer concludes that no real anti Semitism exists -- just a politicized way of looking at happenings on the Palestinian-Israeli front.

Ambitious plans
Saadeddin Ibrahim gives first major interview after reopening of Ibn Khaldoun center to Sarah El-Deeb of AP. Says he's considering opening up a sister center in Baghdad -- he'll go there in September to gauge the possibility.

Also says he will monitor 2005 elections...

In general says he has decided not "to keep a low profile. If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem." 

Meanwhile... In a Washington Post editorial, a US AID manager urges the US to practice "tough love" on Egypt when it comes to civil liberties.

Web posted by Tarek Atia Monday, August 18, 2003 5:00 CAIRO


Issue 651 Front Page
The Egyptian perspective
Al-Ahram Weekly founding editor-in-chief Hosny Guindy passed away at the age of 63 last week.

In this week's Weekly, founder Tarek Atia remembers a conversation with Hosny Guindy -- who was Atia's long-time editor and boss at the Weekly -- about the triumphs, tribulations and responsibilities of being a career journalist.

Arafat's sister dies at Palestine hospital in Cairo

More wacky antiquity news
Computer generated Nefertiti!

Plus, "Amun-re!" is the name of a new Egyptian themed board game to hit massive recession game market.

Big news!
Mido scores

Bright Star cancelled
US forces are way too overstretched to participate in the annual exercises with Egypt this year

Web posted by Tarek Atia Friday, August 15, 2003 7:00 CAIRO


Risky business
This strange story of an Egyptian NY cabdriver who gets jilted on a whopping $900 fare is courtesy of the New York Times.

Taking care of Cairo's stray dogs...

Voiceless "Sawt El-Arab"?
Kamel Labidi rages against Arab media policy in this opinion piece in Lebanon's Daily Star.

Sahar El-Layaly making news
AFP gives up the most of the plot of the currently popular film about young marriage. BBC spins the same article into the idea that franker discussions of sex are popping up elsewhere as well.

Web posted by Tarek Atia Tuesday, August 12, 2003 5:00 CAIRO


Know when to fold 'em
30,000 euros in debt at a French casino, international Egyptian superstar actor Omar Sharif ends up head-butting a policeman.

Sharif said he couldn't remember the incident, but a French court convicted him anyway. He'll pay a fine but serve no jail time.

More on unified sermons...
The question of whether or not the government is going to unify Friday sermons is still getting its fair share of press. In the latest entry, Religious Endowments Minister Zaqzouq denies that any such plan is in the works... This Middle East Online article also adjusts the number of mosques under direct government control to 82,000...

Another international soccer star?
Ghali signs with top European club.

Going local
McDonald's new sandwich McArabia makes CNNMoney. The claim is that it has helped Mcdonald's business in Egypt in light of boycott calls against American goods.

Web posted by Tarek Atia Saturday, August 9, 2003 17:00 CAIRO


Hyundai to go
The labor strike is over at Hyundai headquarters in Korea. That may mean, according to an AP report, that the lack of parts problem at Hyundai plants in Egypt may soon be resolved.

Meanwhile... According to the Asia Times, tiny 115cc Indian motorized scooters are now set to hit the Egyptian market.

Unnecessary trouble
Egypt plays a side bar in the saga of the French father who was arrested for poisoning children who were competing against his own children in junior tennis championships. 

The man had just gotten back from watching one of his children play a tournament in Egypt when he was arrested.

Antiquities debacle
50 artifacts from an Alexandra underwater site are found at the airport with a mission architect posing as tourist.

AFP's take on the "1 sermon, 88,000 mosques" article that's making the rounds reports that it's actually about 71,000 mosques, and that the government is still considering the idea.

Web posted by Tarek Atia Thursday, August 7, 2003 18:00 CAIRO











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