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And then there was one

The last episode of Wagh Al-Qamar (Face of the Moon), the Ramadan soap opera starring Faten Hamama (above), was broadcast on Thursday night on Egyptian TV and on Arab satellite channels across the globe, finally answering the questions hundreds of millions of Egyptian and Arab viewers had been asking. Would Ibtisam tell her family that her long-lost husband Mustafa Qura was alive? Who would she end up with, Qura or current husband Karim Abul-Ezz? Now that Wagh Al-Qamar is over, most viewers are only left with one must-see soap opera till the end of the month, Youssra's Awan Al-Ward (Flowers Bloom), which will keep us waiting till its final episode before revealing who kidnapped baby Ahmed Bekheit.

This week's critic sums up the last week of Wagh Al-Qamar and brings you up to date with Awan Al-Ward.

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